I love collecting driftwood on the beach, and recently created a Driftwood Chakra piece called “Balance”. This driftwood piece embodies all the seven colours of the chakras.


Chakras are brilliant jewels strung on a chord from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. Spinning wheels of energy…..By keeping the chakras clear you can find balance in all areas of your life.

Root Chakra – Safety and grounding (red)
Sacral – Passion, creativity, intimacy ( orange)
Solar Plexus – Power ( yellow)
Heart – Self Love (green)
Throat – Listening, expressing creativity (blue)
Third Eye – Intuition, perception, and vision to develop wisdom ( Indigo)
Crown – Connection to others, wisdom, knowledge, achieving higher levels of learning ( Purple/violet)

It was such a fun piece to create, and it has gone all the way to Armstrong with my dear friend Lynn. Thank you so much and hope you enjoy it!

I will be making more of these driftwood stained glass pieces in the future.
Let me know if your interested!