Welcome to Stepping Out Designs

My name is Laurie Beeman. Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, B.C, a lot of inspiration that comes out in my work originates from living in such a beautiful corner of the world. I have been working with stained glass since 1977 and have taught classes for two years. Stained glass has always been a hobby for me, but I have always wanted to start my own business creating stained glass one of a kind pieces and sharing with others.

My mission is to create artistic and functional one of a kind creations that transcend the imagination to beauty and wonder. The company’s vision is to create art that touches the emotions exploring the inner part of ourselves through the medium of glass. I would love to work with clients throughout the process of creating projects that are personal and meaningful. People’s outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly important to them, and we will create top quality functional art pieces that are easy to install in homes and gardens.