I have started teaching mosaic workshops outdoors this year; teaching how fun mosaic art can be. I supply the templates, stained glass, beach glass, tile, and driftwood and shells. You can use all sorts of gems such as old cups, saucers, jewelry and special momentos you may not use any more, but would like to keep as a momento.

I love to see how the creativity unfolds; the sharing, and great conversations. Thanks to these beautiful women for coming out to play and have some fun with their artistic side. Men are welcome too!

My partner John provides appetizers and a complimentary drink during the three hour session; which is a wonderful addition. Our location for the workshops is such a beautiful setting with a beautiful close view of the ocean on the Sunshine Coast.

We are finding that there is such a need for connection now with this past year of isolation for many; so it has become such a wonderful way of bringing people together to share some creative time.

Cost per class is $75.00 and I provide everything you need to complete your piece and take home the same day.
Email me If you are interested!

Thank you!