Wind Chimes

I have  been creating wind chimes for indoors.

They have a lovely color when the light shines through the

glass.  They are held on by different colors of beads and

attached to Choya Cactus branch.  I have been selling them

for $45.00.  They make a great gift!

Medieval Celtic Knot

I have just completed a Stained glass celtic knot for
friends in Salmon Arm.. The size of the piece is 22 x 22 inches,
and is created with black water glass and English antique glass
in the back ground.  It has a medieval look which will inset into
a counter/storage unit for a outdoor barbeque kitchen.
I look forward  to a wonderful dinner in the future to see the window
it’s new home.¬†¬†¬† This has been fun project!

Bonsai Tree Bench

A NEW WORK OF ART!!!    Bonsai tree bench!!


This concrete bench is reinforced with nylon mesh and

is very strong and durable to our rainy weather.

It is 48 inches long and 14 inches wide.  When the sunshine

reflects off the glass, it makes the color more vibrant,

adding whimsy to the garden.  It was alot of fun to create this

piece!!!  My partner Trevor helped me to make the template

as well as mixing the concrete!!!  He has been a huge help!

This piece was sold at $600!!  It should last a very long time!!!

I am now creating a table to go with the bench, stay tuned!!

Part Two!

A new lotus table was created to compliment the bonsai bench,

It was just completed and installed in Dr. Evangelo”s garden paradise

behind his dental clinic.  It add some whimsy to his space,

and usable too!!

Stained Glass Insert

I am working on a new project which is an insert for an inside door.

This stained glass insert for a door is finally complete
and turned out well. I installed it with a local woodworker
Bob Mallette. Bob helped me place tempered glass on both
sides of the door, and secure it in the door frame. The door
will be more secure and easier to clean. This has been a fun
project to do but I have to say it has been a big job and I am glad that is is complete! I have really enjoyed the process in creating
and working on this piece.
The new owners are very happy with the result, so that makes
me very happy!!! That is the greatest fulfillment for me when
the clients are thrilled.
On to the next project!!!100_5594

New Works of Art

I have just completed a new stained glass ghekko bench!

My partner mixed the concrete with color added to give

the piece a Mexican flare.  The concrete is also reinforced

with nylon mesh to add additional strength.  The colors

in the ghekko really come alive in the sun, as well as the dragonfly

colors the ghekko is chasing.  This piece is for sale and sells for

$600.  The legs holding up the bench are solid concrete so it

is very sturdy and would add a real functional art to your garden

I could always create a table to go with the bench!!